Roger G. Stewart, President
3 Ski Drive, Hillsborough, NJ 08844
908-369-3536 Office, 408-464-3066 Cell, 908-369-3536 Fax
Sourland Mountain Associates LLC includes its President, Roger Stewart, with pre-
arranged access to other professionals as needed to provide technical & patent services to
more than 40 USA & international clients.  Stewart was elected in 1997 as a Fellow of the
IEEE, has published 93 technical papers, and is the inventor of more than 100 patents.  
Associates include electrical engineers, a mechanical engineer, a patent attorney, and an
administrator.  Sourland is incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation under the laws of
New Jersey.  

Sourland provides technical & patent services in the fields of:
  •  AMLCDs & other flat panel displays
  •  RFID
  •  Semiconductor devices & solid state circuits

Technical & patent services include:
  •  Evaluation of existing & pending patents
  •  Creating & improving claim coverage for new patents
  •  Providing testimony & depositions as an expert witness in patent litigation
  •  Maintenance & publication of an RFID patent database
  •  RFID chip & reader design
  •  AMLCD display design
  •  Negotiation of patent licensing agreements
  •  Conducting AMLCD, RFID, & patent tutorials

More details on technical experience, litigation experience, publications, issued patents, other associates, facilities,
patent databases, and terms of a typical consulting agreement are provided on the navigation bar above.

About the "Sourland Mountain"
The Sourland Mountain rises 500 feet above the Raritan Valley here in Central New Jersey.  230 years ago
Revolutionary War soldiers traversed this mountain on their trips from New York City to Trenton.  "Moonshine" was
still distilled in the wilder sections of this mountain as late as 1970.  The name "sour" "land" comes from the
mountain soils which are acidic and rocky.  These rocky & acidic soils prevented farming and later proved an
effective barrier to the urban development that has covered much of the rest of the State.  We made our home here
over thirty years ago, and have since come to treasure its boulders, forests and wilderness.   
Sourland Mountain Associates LLC