Machine Shop, 22 Starview Drive, Hillsborough, NJ 08844        
Resources:  1,500 sq. ft. facility with heat, light & power, fully equipped machine shop, custom test jigs
Professional Licensed Mechanical Engineer on site
Shown below is the 1500 sq. ft. Machine Shop with a professional lathe, drill press, compressed air, and other
tools for dis-assembling displays and fabricating test jigs.

Electronic Testing, 58 Riverview Terrace, Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Resources: microscopes, oscilloscopes, electro-optic measurements, electronics & optical measurement
Below is a Bausch & Lomb 140x binocular microscope, a 485 250 MHz oscilloscope, & other electrical
& optical measurement equipment at Belle Meade Research / Right Force Ortho.

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ       
Active professional relationships with Professors James C. Sturm and Sigurd Wagner in the Electrical Engineering
Department at Princeton University.  Princeton University resources include SEM machines, semiconductor
analysis,  AMLCD device & processing, professors & graduate students.  

Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, NJ       
Resources:  This extensive corporate research center includes electrical and optical test equipment, a model
shop, and a semiconductor wafer processing facility.

Sourland has established working agreements with four local
facilities to provide testing, fabrication, simulation, and reverse
engineering of displays and RFID devices as needed.