Consulting Agreements
All work between a Client and Sourland Mountain Associates is
governed by a standard Consulting Agreement which protects
both the Client & Sourland as follows:
  •  Defines the scope of work to avoid conflict-of-interest and
    NDA issues.

  •  Clarifies cost questions including hourly rates, billing,
      schedules, etc.

  •  Provides for a refundable retainer and a minimum monthly
      work schedule of 1 hour/month to protect Sourland from
      unnecessary conflicts of interest.
  •  Protects the Client by limiting the kinds of work Sourland may perform or
     committments Sourland may assume without written permission from the Client.

  •  Includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") to protect the Client's confidential

  •  Explicitly assigns rights to all patents & other intellectual property developed under
      the Agreement to the Client.

  •  Limits Sourland's liability by explicitly stating that Sourland "will provide opinion
      without warranty of any kind".
  •  Limits the Client's liability with the statement that "Sourland has no outstanding
     agreement ... in conflict with any of the provisions of this Agreement"

  •  Limits both the Client's & Sourland's liability by specifically prohibiting Sourland from
      either using or disclosing to the Client any third party's Confidential Information.
Copies of Sourland's standard Consulting Agreement or other information may be
obtained by sending a request to