Patent Databases
Sourland maintains & publishes two patent databases.  

Sourland maintains a Personal Database in Excel format of all
patents, patent applications, and disclosures invented or
co-invented by Roger Stewart.  Copies may be obtained free by
sending an EM to

Sourland also maintains, updates, and publishes an RFID
Database that provides a brief introduction to many of the key
RFID patents.  It summarizes the results of several thousand
hours of RFID patent analysis conducted by senior engineers and
patent lawyers from many different companies over a period of
several years.  This RFID Database:
  •  Includes more than 300 of the most important RFID patents in the industry.  It
       contains only summary information and has been edited to remove any confidential
       information or information about the reviewer(s).

  •  Includes a short "English summary" of each patent.

  •  Includes a Technical Quality Rating -- based on a consensus of the reviewers -- from
       A to F depending on both the technical significance of the invention and the breadth
       of its claims.

  •  Includes a Classification for each patent according to the kind of equipment covered
       under that patent.  These Classification include Chips, Structure, Antennas,
       Protocols, Readers, Systems, and Applications.

  •  The Database is formatted as a standard Excel document allowing the user to easily
       re-sort, print, and manipulate the Database without special software.  Patents may
       be ordered or filtered by Patent Number, Quality Rating, Class, Priority Date,
       Expiration Date, Assignment, or Title.

A photograph of a small edited portion of the RFID database is attached below as an
example.  Copies of this database may be purchased by signing a special Consulting
Agreement that insures that the Database will be handled as Sourland Mountain
Confidential Information and may not be shared with third parties.  For more information
please contact